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an old black and white photo of two people laying on the floor in front of a store
Henri Cartier Bresson - Hong Kong, 1949. °
a large group of cats with different colors and sizes
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cats cats cats...
a boat is parked on the side of a river next to a stone wall and trees with pink flowers
Monochrome Design
Monochrome Design
an old black and white photo of bicycles parked in front of buildings on the street
Monochrome Design
there is a neon sign that says, i love my life
Monochrome Design
Monochrome Design
an open door to a green room with white clouds painted on the wall
Monochrome Design
Monochrome Design
a drawing of a person holding a flower in their hand with a thought bubble above them
Monochrome Design
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black and white photograph of potted plants in front of a wall with bench behind it
rainy day, kyoto