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an overhead view of people working on wooden benches and ladders in a parking lot
people are sitting and standing around in the street with cardboard blocks on it's sides
TARG WĘGLOWY 2013 / temporal public space installation / OSB cubics give possibility of playing and building some bigger forms / fot. D. Werner
several children are playing outside in front of a building with stairs and play equipment on the ground
Learn-Move-Play-Ground is over! here some pics
climbing higher die baupiloten
two people are dancing in the middle of a street with painted circles on the ground
the colorful fabric is hanging on the fence by the water's edge, and it looks like they are floating in the ocean
The Setouchi Triennale opens today in the Seto Inland Sea — Design Anthology
an outdoor area with various objects on the ground and in front of a building that has a fence
Best Of: Social design at Dutch Design Week 2019
two young boys playing with blue blocks on the sidewalk
didier faustino's domestic 2.0 installation in vienna reorganises public space
two skateboarders are riding their boards in front of a large building with benches
an art installation made out of wooden blocks and colored paint on the ground next to a tree
a young boy riding a skateboard down a wooden ramp
Game Changers 2020: The Practices and People Changing Design
several people standing on the beach next to colorful flags
a group of people standing in front of a building with wooden structures on the ground
children playing on wooden structures in an open area with people standing around them and looking at them
本瀬あゆみ+齋田武亨 / 本瀬齋田建築設計事務所が設計した、富山市まちなか賑わい広場に設置された木製ジャングルジム「サンカクジム」