I am grateful for everything I have and I am a rich and powerful money magnet

I am grateful for everything I have and I am an endlessly wealthy, rich, powerful, loving and beloved money magnet

I make so much money that I have to store it in a safe hidden in my home!!

I am a powerful, wise, blessed, beautiful money magnet. I am loved and loving. I am generous and kind. I am joyful and abundant in every way!

There's more in the bank. Ask and you shall receive. Thank you Almighty GOD.

Thank you for my abundantly abundant life! :) I always have the money to buy whatever I want and desire! MONEY come to Me like Rivers come into Oceans ! I'm attracting money right now ! Money flows in me easily !

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Otišla na dva dana u mirovinu i pokupila otpremninu od 14 tisuća eura

One of my spare cupboards. Stacks everywhere. Thank you universe i am eternally greatful.

Manifesting money is as easy for me as finding rocks on the ground.


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Euro, euros

Money flows effortlessly with abundance to me



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