Shimabara Tayû (high ranking courtesan), 1929-1930, Tayûs entertained only the nobility at that time.

Japanese Courtesan procession An oiran refers to a high-ranking courtesan in the pleasure quarter of Yoshiwara.

【画像】 戦前の日本の写真って意外におしゃれでびっくりするよね

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This is what it was like in the past in Japan! The big sisters would look after…

Enami photographed Japan in the early century using a stereo camera that takes two images at once separated by a few centimeters to mimic the topography of the subject. These photos were then colorized and saved as animated gifs

Young girl, ca.1860-1870s

Image: Japanese School, century) - Young Girl in a Kimono, (hand coloured photo)

引越し(再現).mother, father and child moving. Old Japan.

MOVING DAY -- A Domestic Scene in Old Japan by Okinawa Soba, A nice studio shot by KIMBEI KUSAKABE. Cute little girl with a doll helping dad carry a wall scroll for the living room wall. Interesting Kimono on all.

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