Menorca, Spain, outside bed area, ocean

Pergola overlooking the sea in Cova d en Xoroi Club, Menorca, Spain - now that would be a great nap.

Sandals Royal Caribbean - Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Relaxing beach vacation in Sandals Royal Caribbean - Montego Bay, Jamaica. Romantic honeymoon or babymoon getaway. Lying in that bed by the beach is better than a hammock!

Some places to visit before you die…

Some places to visit before you die…

Funny pictures about Some places to visit before you die. Oh, and cool pics about Some places to visit before you die. Also, Some places to visit before you die.

Aurora reflections

Aurora Borealis so beautiful & brilliant. An incredible photo capturing an Awesome Nature Reflection, too! The sky is incredible and so is the Reflection in the water!


The Mirrored Night Sky by Xiaohua Zhao. An enthralled stargazer is immersed in the stars as the luminous purple sky is mirrored in the thin sheet of water across the world's largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

Awesome sunset pic

Never underestimate the power of imagination to create miracles . Exactly what I did with M~always imagined her health returning, always see her being successful. When I think of her, I think if her as perfection

Cave homes in Cappadocia, Turkey

cave homes in Cappadocia - another place there are underground homes, b and hotels is Coober Pedy, Australia

Home Decor Rustic Bedroom.

Attic or loft bedroom? I love the wood, the coziness, the natural light. I like that the bed is built into the room with the same wood and everything.

Ziplining in the Swiss Alps. bucket list!

The First Flyer Grindelwald, Switzerland. zip line ride down a Swiss mountain -- might have to do this.This would be great fun! Love zip lining!

The Tibetan Bridge in Claviere - Piedmont, Italy .

Would you walk across this bridge? I remember the old swinging bridges crossing rivers when I was a child. They were scary. The Tibetan Bridge in Claviere, Piedmont, Italy.


(Humpty Dumpty costume) baby dressed as an egg the scarey thing is what happens when he overbalances in his nappy and falls off the wall , funny but slightly creepy halloween costume idea



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