Fisher's Gin has a beautiful bottle and nice box.

Fisher's Gin has a beautiful bottle and nice box. Bottle and box packaging Intricate bottle detail

Hanaemi Cosmetics packaging design concept by Hyun Yun, HaeChan Jung, YeonHee Choi (Korea) -

Hanaemi Cosmetics (Student Project)

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meiji THE Chocolate

I really like how the cocoa bean shape is used with a different pattern for each flavor. The info are easily readable and succint. The typo for the word chocolate gives the impression that it is sophisticated.

SUPRA NagamigiEmon窯石川工藝品,九谷“抽碗呼呼”

上出長右衛門窯 石川県の工芸品、九谷焼「汲出碗 笛吹」