This white card sectional model is brought to life through the layering of…

Architectural Model - YUKO NAGAYAMA

Exciting, similar to the other drawing of the house. An interesting building that I can draw inspiration from, looking at this fills me with many ideas about shape, spatial interaction, and scaling.

Concept model for the Italian sonnet form

modelarchitecture: “ Fine art, sculpture, drawing for serious art collectors created by the artist, iDeaman & Maciek Jozefowicz.

Architecture Model Making, Santa Maria, Scale Model, Madonna, Drawing Models, Architectural Drawings, Oeuvres, Projects, Sari

archi depot tokyo exhibiton at milan triennale_designboom_019

archi depot tokyo exhibiton at milan starbucks coffee shop at dazaifutenmangu omotesando by kengo kuma

a f a s i a: Standardarchitecture

a f a s i a: Standardarchitecture, void and occupied spaces, process work

Leitão 653 / Triptyque

Galería de Leitão 653 / Triptyque - 8

Built by Triptyque in São Paulo, Brazil with date Images by Leonardo Finotti. is a building located in the heart of Pinheiros, a popular neighborhood which combines small traditional b.