50 Free Photography Lessons You Should Take for Fun

Canon Digital Rebel XTi Digital SLR Camera with EF-S Lens (Black) - There are plenty of numerous sorts of cameras to choose from recently:

Night Photography Cheat Sheet

Night photography cheat sheet - I guess this could be useful since the light meter isn't a lot of help at night. But I don't know why they give the exposure lengths with four different ISO variants - if you're doing night photography you probably know tha

photography tips

BEGINNERS: Photography tips for beginners - definitely worth the read if you're wanting to use the Manual mode on your camera.

anyone up for a sunrise hot air balloon ride over this landscape?

Someday I hope to take a beautiful hot air balloon ride like this! Hot air balloons drifting over Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.

Photography 101

5 Essential Infographics For The Beginner Photographer infographic cheat sheets perfect for any amateur photograper.