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View from Schafberg mountain, Austria - Schafberg is a mountain in the Austrian state of Salzburg. Situated within the Salzkammergut Mountains range of the Northern Limestone Alps, the Schafberg rises at the shore of Wolfgangsee Lake.


like that dreamy Scene from ta ngled - and at last I see the light


Crisp wind blowing through your hair, warmth against your body, recipe for a great nap (Shiba Inu Beagle Mix)

【保存版】心を休めたいときに。世界の青い絶景ランキングBEST10 | TABIZINE~人生に旅心を~


【保存版】心を休めたいときに。世界の青い絶景ランキングBEST10 | TABIZINE~人生に旅心を~


Mosaic Mosque of Colors by Ramin Rahmani Nejad on . // Nasir-ol-Molk mosque in Shiraz - IRAN. It is the most beautiful place in world I ever seen. It is full of Colors and Lights everywhere inside main Hall.

Obama's Tribute to Joe Biden (Full Speech) | ABC News - YouTube

President Obama surprised Vice President Joe Biden with the nation’s highest civilian honor – the Presidential Medal of Freedom – at a tribute event at the W.