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Kitties wearing flowers--white ones with different colored eyes. Tap the link Now - All Things Cats! - Treat Yourself and Your CAT!

I think kitty is actually falling asleep on this! :)

** SHIRO: " Me wuz gonna climb de ladder of success, but by de step hadz a nap attack. Wills haz to try again sometime;


Kitty & a kerosene stove ♡ (which are somewhat common in Japan when the weather gets colder) 😌 I just liked the photo!

しっぽを立ててごきげんウォーク - Yahoo!ニュース(ねとらぼ)

しっぽを立ててごきげんウォーク - Yahoo!ニュース(ねとらぼ)

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Teemo Trying To Get My Attention While Working - kitty memes cat humor funny joke gato chat

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If i liked cats. Pink bubblegum princess: Super adorable Scottish Fold kitten [picture that makes you fall in love]

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Cat Dump - Album on Imgur

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Adorable Cat

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