キッコーマン「キッコーマン しょうゆ」 工藤真穂(AD) / 加藤正博(P)

「キッコーマン しょうゆ」の素晴らしい広告 工藤真穂

msk: (via ブックカバーに盛られた新鮮なネタ、あなたはいくつ読めますか?/海鮮本 | ブレーン 2015年8月号)

msk: (via ブックカバーに盛られた新鮮なネタ、あなたはいくつ読めますか?/海鮮本 | ブレーン 2015年8月号)

Flower shirt photo shoot that will be great to use on my daughter and granddaughter next time they give me flowers. LOL best be before my end.

Funny pictures about Three beautiful forced perspective photos. Oh, and cool pics about Three beautiful forced perspective photos. Also, Three beautiful forced perspective photos.

結 Means "knot" in Chinese, and has the "team work" meaning also.

Japanese poster of Tohoku University of Art & Design Exhibition 2010 Like the idea of using people to spell out words or a character.

第44回 日本産業広告賞 新聞部門 シリーズ広告賞 第1部 第3席

Panasonic’s new advertisement for their new line of refrigerators with new technology vegetable crispers uses the famous Kanagawa wave by Hokusai Katsushika rendered in vegetables.

Etsy の Quilled Paper Art: I wanna dance with somebody by SenaRuna

This quilled paper artwork named I wanna dance with somebody! is handmade from colourful strips of paper. Its placed in a deep frame.


Funny photography, sometimes with luck, sometimes just perfectly timed. Check out Part 20 more Perfectly Timed Photos

I had to look at this for a long time....Clever.

If you first look at this picture, it appears as an eyeball. But it is really water in a sink being drained. This picture was perfectly timed in order to get such a cool affect.

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