Layout ideas - Designed by Jake Hill. I am inspired by the angled cropping of the images. It creates great eye movement, and visual interest. There's a great balance of negative and positive space throughout the layouts.

ENCENS- Not only am I drawn to this ad because I love plants, but it is so eye-catching! The beautiful images and adorable colors work so well together to create an attractive advertisement. This ad has lots of information but it is displayed in a way that doesn't cause clutter or overwhelm the audience so much that they skip right past it and move on without reading it. The links to the website continually draw the audience to their store, without confusing the audience. Such a nice ad.

ENCENS on Behance - Indoor gardening website. Water colour illustration with clean type

1613053 양지희: 봄의 분위기를 잘 살렸고 전체적으로 통일성이 있어 자연스럽습니다 봄에 관련된 사이트를 디자인 할때 참고하면 좋을 것…

the object enthusiast styling + photography

This particular site is far to feminine but the layout and template are gloroius.the object enthusiast web design

We are presenting you a second view of our own website - you will be able to visit in online pretty soon! Press L to show some love and Follow us for more shoots :)

Probably the best interactive agency settled in Poznań/ Poland, cooperating internationally - constantly since

Book Grid Layout Design Graphic Typography Photography Spreads

Mags&Publications - Eye Magazine - Magazine design and advertising by The Fount , via Behance