Cat lady with her elegant cat hat, which can assume many positions -For my friend Kelly.


* * VICTIM WHITE: " Nevers under-estimate the moron factor in humans dat think dey be in completes control.

21 Reasons To Hug Your Cat Today

Cat´s yoga / "For me, one of the pleasures of cats' company is their devotion to bodily comfort.

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❤️ Those toes. Those drumsticks. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat shirts, cat socks, and other cat apparel by tapping the

頭が上がりそうにない…貫禄たっぷりの動物たちの写真いろいろ                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る


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Efficient cat storage, such a clever idea for a small place. (I cant help it.thats funny!

Cats in hats - Follow us @showmeCats -  #showmecats #thefashionista #FashionCats

Gardening Cat ~ my garden cat looks a bit different than this.

香港のコンビニ猫番長「クリーム兄貴」、クタっとしたその姿に熱視線集中 : カラパイア

another example of a cat completely relaxed when there is chaos all around


* * " Takin' pictures of yer self in de bath tub be one thing, but yoo haz gones too far!

I swear! I was trying to email you but I was having technical difficulties.

“Why can’t I just sleep right now and think about life later? 22 Cats Who Have No Idea What They're Doing With Their Lives