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watercolor painting of an island in the ocean
Untitled (221a) by Peter Schmidt
Untitled (221a) by Peter Schmidt which was shown at his "Watercolours" exhibition at JPL Fine Arts in London in 1977. The unsigned picture appears to be a smaller version of ‘Snæfellsnes in the Distance’.
Buddha, Fibre Art, Japanese Woodblock Printing, Japanese Traditional, Japanese Illustration, Traditional Paintings
鷗舟作 紙本掛軸 野晒 Z230
a painting of a brown bear with white spots on it's face and neck
生きているかのようなリアルさに驚愕!動物画の名手・木島櫻谷展 | サライ.jp|小学館の雑誌『サライ』公式サイト
知られざる日本画家・木島櫻谷の徹底した写生の技に瞠目《木島櫻谷 近代動物画の冒険》展 | サライ.jp|小学館の雑誌『サライ』公式サイト
Vintage, Hoa, Center, Tree, Focus, Arty, Vintage World Maps, Watercolor
Flora, Illustrators, Baku, Japanese Tattoo Art
Ink Painting, Water
an abstract painting with squares and lines on the ground in front of a foggy sky
la presqu'île
yama-bato: “ “Southern Song dynasty painting by Ma Yuan the water map there are 12 segments. Except first paragraph due to torn half site and no figure name outside, remaining figure name respectively is: “hole Chamber wind fine”, “layer wave stacks...
a watercolor painting of a pine tree
Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook
A20 Oriental, China, Encre De Chine, Japanese Drawings, Old Things
an image of a painting with trees on it
Untitled (a tree) - Ike no Taiga - WikiArt.org