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Benedict talking to his father, who played Sherlock and Mycroft's father on SHERLOCK.

[gif] Sherlock and Mary, for the win

[gif] Sherlock and Mary, for the win.she is so awesome! ~look at those cute squinty eyes when Sherlock leans in for the kiss.

Click for the gif. Benedict Cumberbatch when left alone with a camera. XD XD XD

gif: Benedict Cumberbatch when left alone with a camera. from the Cumbercollective.you will smile

Best ever Ben gif

getsherlockinmybed: Sir… Can you please stop being so freaking adorable? Found this gif I kept staring at it for almost five minutes… Something is really wrong with me He’s impossible. His cuteness is a weapon of mass destruction.

Everyone needs a Cumberdance in their board

Watch this gif on repeat while listening to various songs, and you can't go wrong XD

Benedict & Martin What is it with Benedict and sitting like that?xD

Ben and Martin. Ok, I'm in full realization that these two are just friends and this pic is just platonic. But if there was ever a cute couple pic for them, this would be it. and notice how martin is grabing his croch

Because Tom Hiddleston...and Benedict Cumberbatch..that's why.

Because Tom Hiddleston.and Benedict Cumberbatch.that's why. >>> omg what nerds! What is Ben even doing over there?<<< he's on the graham Norton show doing the 'celebrity walk' you're welcome.