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Brand design by agency Graphéine for the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau. Because of their outstanding expertise, French agency Graphéine was featured

40 Stunningly Beautiful Concert Posters - designed by Dan Stiles #graphic #design #poster

40 Stunningly Beautiful Concert Posters



生徒作品 | 芸大・美大受験予備校 | 河合塾美術研究所

生徒作品 | 芸大・美大受験予備校 | 河合塾美術研究所

Posters | Swiss Style Design : Awards Part 2 in Swiss Design / International Style

This poster visually illustrates the shakiness and uneasiness of vertigo with weird effects.

SHARP LED Lighting

EIGA developed the brand name and visual identity of SHARP’s “LED Lighting“ division.

ロックアーティストをスイスデザインで表現したクリエイティブなポスターアート - K'conf

"each design is set in lowercase berthold akzidenz-grotesk medium (not helvetica). every single one of these shows actually happened." ramones at the palladium, 1978 - swissted

Composition, Calligraphy, Penmanship, Lettering, Calligraphy Art

LeWitt, Sol (2001) A black not straight line is drawn at approximately the center of the wall horizontally from side to side. Alternate red, yellow and blue lines are drawn above and below the black line to the top and bottom of the wall.

Artist: Sol Lewitt Title of Work: Untitled Year: 2001 Do it Installation Gund Gallery 2013