Flat line icons on Behance

Here are some simple icon designs. I like how easy clean they are and each one has a specific opening to it that allows the icon to be a part of the background. I also like how they are all see through and tie in well the background also.


:Gmarellile Flat Icons Personally, I quite these icons. Because I think a nice icon will catch consumer attention. A well begun is half done. Also I think if you can design a good icon, your product would not too bad, lol


Simple vector icons - adding a paper texture to these would make em feel more crafty!

在Behance AQUA怪誕的字體

Aqua Grotesque Free Font - Aqua Grotesque is a free font featured by geometric shapes inspired to designed by graphic designer Laura Pol.


Miracle market is a campaign of talent donation.These are a part of UI/UX design containing icon set, illustration.

Vector icons which can be altered to any size without losing their fine quality.

Social Media Icons

As I have mentioned before there are many social media sites to turn to. This is an example of 45 Long Shadow Social Media Icons

UI Icon Design by Kindesign http://weandthecolor.com/ui-icon-design-kindesign/35324

weandthecolor: UI Icons Zhang Yiking of Kindesign has created a collection of stylish user interface icons.

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