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How To Create a Vintage Text Effect in Illustrator


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16 Adventure Badges & Logo

16 Adventure Badges & Logo

Adventure badges and logos are more complex but I love the way the type and images connect, I think that relationship is good to understand when developing this logo.

Hand lettering///

Awesome collection of hand lettering // I'm having a hard time with putting this in any particular folder. So I put it in my broader one, typography.


Nombor means 'numbers' in Malay.After doing the alphabet and numbers for project, we decided to continue exploring this style into a whole new series of the number 0 to

60 Badges & Logos Collection Template #design Download:

60 Badges & Logos Bundle

I like the sharp one 💃🏻Check out 60 Badges & Logos Collection by Easybrandz on Creative Market

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Metal Steel Photoshop Layer Styles Bundle