I need this. Don't know what it will pour, but I need it.

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「精米率×熱処理」でわかる! 日本酒の分類 | Classification of Japanese "sake"

「精米率×熱処理」でわかる! 日本酒の分類 | Classification of Japanese "sake"


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パッケージデザインvol.10 参考になる優れたパッケージ/プロダクトデザイン20をご紹介(金曜日企画)

Scott Fitzgerald book covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. trend = art deco inspired by gatsby

Japan's scenery

日本别月 Japan Esthetics everytime i get bummed i think ' to hell with it were huge in japan and ill just go live there and do some wierd reality show on japanese tv" i never will but its a nice thought when im BUMMED.

Excellence in Science

A nod to Back To the Future with a DeLorean in the Edo Period? An ad from Shimadzu Corporation.