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Ecole d’ikebana Ohara La Rochelle/Sud-Ouest - Shohinka - Heika

Ecole d’ikebana Ohara La Rochelle / Sud-Ouest - Heika - Cours et stages d’art floral japonais (ikebana) de l’école Ohara de Tokyo

Ecole d’ikebana Ohara La Rochelle / Sud-Ouest - Section : Heika - Cours et stages d'ikebana Ohara à La Rochelle (Charente Maritime - 17) proposés par Anne-Marie Morin, Maïtre Ikebana de l'école Ohara, leader du StudyGroup La Rochelle Sud-Ouest

on the wall mini 壁掛けフラワーベース

on the wall mini 壁掛けフラワーベース

小宇宙のような存在感のタペストリー型花器。碧海(青)、墨彩(黒)、孔雀(赤)、朧銀(銀)の4色展開で、お部屋の壁を鮮やかに彩ります。 和にも洋にもあしらい方ひとつで表情は自由自在。季節ごとに色を変えても風情があります。 ■メーカー 有限会社モメンタムファクトリー・Orii ■素材:銅 ■サイズ:W100×H365×D17mm ■箱サイズ:小:W115×H375×D30mm

Ikebana by Mika OTANI, Japan. how such a humble grasses can create a beautiful silhouette

Mika Otani

Remembrance of a moon-viewing party: we celebrate the full moon on the special day in autumn with sweet dumpling , sake, and this Japanese pampas grass....

 Abstract freestyle, straight lines.

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A blog about ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers. This blog is for networking and inspiration. Welcome.

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Ikebana : (生け花, "living flowers") is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as kadō (華道, the "way of flowers").

Ikebana : (生け花, "living flowers") is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as kadō (華道, the "way of flowers").

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Ikebana - flower art

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Unter jenem Blütenbaum sitzend Wurzeln schlagen innig anvertraut der Ewigkeit

especially the rock vase Ikebana 'Red orchid' - final attempt


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Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Ikebana is a more disciplined form of art that brings together humanity and nature. Ikebana Arrangements, Ikebana Flower Arrangement, Flower Arrangements Simple, Art Floral Japonais, Art Japonais, Japanese Flowers, Japanese Art, Japanese Floral Design, Japanese Prints

Japan Reiseführer, Reisebericht, Reisetipps, Bilder 2016

Japan Reiseführer: Japan ist ein Inselstaat. Mit der Hau



Develop creative skills to make beautiful living Japanese floral art. Ikebana, often translated as Japanese Flower Arrranging, is much more than flower arranging. It is a philosophy and life-style which helps you slow down and enjoy nature.

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The material I used for this arrangement is sun-dried asparagus and Ornithogalum. I was asked if I could do a short Ikebana demonstration at the Ars Florum event in Ostend, a couple of weeks ago. The theme was airiness, I thought immediately on my sun-dried Asparagus. Because it came out nicely during the demo, I made this similar arrangement for the recent exhibition of the Dutch Sogetsu Ikebana Branch. A big thank you to Wicher Bos the photographer for this nice picture.