by Marumiyan

This beautiful illustration was that first work that I noticed that made me become attached to the Japanese artist Marumiyan.

by marumiyan

Vividly Alluring Collages

Creative collage masterpieces - Capturing their artist’s vision and inspiration, these creative collage masterpieces are visually intriguing.

- by Marumiyan, Japan

Wildly Colorful Mixed Media Illustrations

✘All rights © Artist MARUMIYAN

Marumiyan is the moniker of Japanese graphic artist Ryosuke Mori, who features in season two of the 10 Collection by Fotolia.

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- by Marumiyan, Japan

Wildly Colorful Mixed Media Illustrations

Vividly Alluring Collages Marumiyan Creates an Intricate Game of Eye Spy in These Portraits

DJ Okawari CD cover by MIRUMAgraph: "diorama"

Record cover for Animal Forest by DJ Okawari. Artwork by Marumiyan.

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