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Kimono-Hime (Maiko usually wear these shoes, and the Hairstyle looks like a child's or doll's) Kimono Japan, Yukata Kimono, Japanese Kimono, Kimono Fabric, Kimono Outfit, Traditional Kimono, Traditional Fashion, Traditional Outfits, Traditional Wedding


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Le giling giling du kanzashi

Maiko's hair accessory -Kanzashi-

Japanese Obi  12"x 157"  Decorated section: 99"  Dark brown silk ground, brocaded with gold, silk and silver medallions and carts Japanese Outfits, Japanese Style, Japanese Art, Japanese Patterns, Japanese Textiles, Japanese Fabric, Japanese Design, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Culture

Japanese Fukuro Obi Decorated section: Dark brown silk ground, brocaded with gold, silk and silver medallions and carts.

I like the idea of the playful/young/cute/sexy/modern girl dressing like this.  A departure from past culture while draping herself in the past. Yukata Kimono, Traditional Dresses, Traditional Kimono, Traditional Fashion, Asia, Kimono Fashion, Ethnic Fashion, Girl Fashion, Costume


Geisha Mémoires D'une Geisha, Japanese Geisha, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Art, Japanese Beauty, Geisha Japan, Asian Beauty, Turning Japanese, Yukata

"Remember, geisha are not courtesans. We create another secret world, a place only of beauty. The very word "geisha" means artist.

浴衣姿の日本の少女たち Japanese yukata girls Japanese Yukata, Japanese Kids, Japanese Geisha, Japanese Beauty, Japanese Fabric, Kimono Japan, Yukata Kimono, Summer Kimono, All About Japan

Japanese Yukata girls, typically worn at festivals but not mandatory. Yukatas are summer kimonos, they have shorter sleeves and skirts.

kimono Traditional Japanese Kimono, Japanese Lady, Japanese Beauty, Japanese Style, Summer Kimono, Motif Floral, Japanese Outfits, Kimono Japan, Yukata Kimono

ダリで乙女な卒業式。 卒業式撮影.卒業式ヘアメイク.お着物.袴レンタル

光宗薫さま 花嫁衣装お引きずりでの撮影の画像 | ダリヘアデザイン 高島の靭公園から徒然と Kimono Japan, Japanese Kimono, Cute Kimonos, Kimono Design, Modern Kimono, Summer Kimono, Wedding Kimono, Japanese Wedding, Japanese Outfits

『光宗薫さま 花嫁衣装お引きずりでの撮…』

Geisha-The word geisha literally means "artist" and late in the eighteenth century this could have described an array of Japanese women artists: Shiro, purely an entertainer; kerobi, a tumbling geisha; kido, a geisha who stood at the entrance to carnivals; or joro, a prostitute and the type of woman that professional geishas have been wrongly mistaken as for many years

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