King of light Mausoleum, Shiraz, Iran. T.Tavakoli.V

King of light Mauseleum - Shiraz, Iran. A gold mosaic of shattered mirror pieces.


char-zar: “ sixpenceee: “ Kimsooja’s Room of Rainbows in Crystal Palace Buen Retiro Park, Madrid Spain. Created in 2006 by multidisciplinary artist Kimsooja, To Breathe – A Mirror Woman was an.

~~Black Hole Outburst in Spiral Galaxy M83 (NASA, Chandra, Hubble, 04/30/12) | The Blackhole exists from a previous life as a star, It collapses to infinity but its life does not end, after the pressures of the impossible the black hole re-emerges either via explosion and scattering and the matter goes to form within other stars or it re-condenses. | by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center~~

Black Hole Outburst in Spiral Galaxy Hubble, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

圧巻!箱根 彫刻の森の「ステンドグラスでできた塔」がまるで異世界のように美しい | by.S

Stained Glass Staircase This beautiful stained glass staircase is located at the Hakone Museum of Arts in Hakone , Japan イランのモスク「シャー・チェラーグ廟 (Shah Cheragh) (via. Matthew Winterburn)


Flower-shop, Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar,...

“ Flower-shop, Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar, XIX century. ” This is literally the perfect, most fitting sort of thing to put in the window of an Art Nouveau front like this. One of the things I enjoyed about Brussels was the Art Nouveau.


The Shah Cheragh (Persian for King of the Light) Mausoleum is a mirrored masterpiece in Shiraz - Iran

Shah Cheragh shrine - Shiraz, Iran

The glass mirror mosaic King of Light (Shah Cheragh) shrine - Shiraz, Iran

Palace de Cristal in Madrid

PalacIo de Cristal, Madrid - Spain - A Reflective Palace Of Rainbows, 2006 The Palacio de Cristal was originally built in the late in Madrid, Spain. In 2006 artist Kimsooja transformed it into this rainbow reflecting palace.

It's out of this world. ✨ The cathedral turned even MORE stunning last month, when artist Miguel Chevalier transformed it with a dazzling light display during a fundraiser for the university. Former professor Stephen Hawking spoke about outer space as the legendary cathedral became an undulating galaxy above

This Legendary Chapel Transforms In A Way You Won't Believe

Urban_Art In "Dear World. Yours, Cambridge," science, fine art and spirituality meld into a grand light installation at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.