Mt. Fuji, Japan

Fuji, Japan It is a natural landscape where we can enjoy its climate, plants, water and soil. It´s a known mountain from Japan, and hopefully it will still be untouched as it has until today

Japan mt Fuji

Osorno Volcano is located in Los Lagos Region of Chile. It stands on the southeastern shore of Llanquihue Lake, Osorno Volcano is a symbol of the local landscape, and is noted for its similar appearance to Mount Fuji in Japan .

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, located on Honshu Island in Japan, is an adventurer's dream vacay. This well-known symbol of Japan is a destination hot spot for sightseers as well as climbers.

Mount Fuji in winter at night, Japan

Mt.fuji In Winter Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Takeshi.K

Mount Fuji in the ice, Lake Shoji, Yamanashi, Japan

Fuji, Japan |Mount Fuji in the ice, Lake Shoji, Yamanashi, Japan

Mount Fuji - beautiful shot

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Mount Fuji Beautiful loved it in Japan

Rising above the clouds, Mount Fuji, Japan. Fuji-san has long been a sacred mountain. Japanese Buddhists believe the mountain is the gateway to a different world. Mount Fuji, Mount Tate, and Mount Haku are Japan's "Three Holy Mountains.

Kamakura Beach and Mount Fuji, Kamakura, Japan

Mount Fuji sunset from Kamakura Beach, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, photograph by Alfie Goodrich.