more raspberries n’ cream

raspberry and yogurt mousse cakes, raspberries and cream macarons and raspberry meringue kisses

✿苺と桜のプチガトー✿ / petit strawberry cake Beautiful, just beautiful, look at that detail-almost too pretty to eat...but yes, I'd try... :)


Japanese Cake

日本人のおやつ♫(^ω^) Japanese Sweets 伝統の和菓子 Wagashi- A traditional japanese confectionary meant to be enjoyed with green tea. I have yet to find a place in Vancouver that sells/serves wagashi

Japanese Wagashi Cake, 5 Color Temari Ball|和菓子

Petit bonheur: A party to enjoy Japanese tea and Japanese confectionery


Items similar to Earrings - French macaroons in citrus fruits on Etsy

Japanese Wagashi Cake|和菓子「梅」

☆Japanese Wagashi Cake|和菓子「梅」 - looks more like some sort of delicious savory rose pasta


東京・「塩野」の和菓子「春宵」 I have no idea what this is. But it is beautiful.

Salted Caramel Macaron

Top: Vanilla macaron with caramel fleur de sel filling. Bottom: Hazelnut vanilla macaron with caramel fleur de sel buttercream filling

Pacifier Cake Pops

Hush Baby Cake Pops

Hush Baby Cake Pops · Extract from Bake Me I'm Yours.Cake Pops by Carolyn White · How To Bake Cake Pops