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伊藤若冲 Ito Jakuchu/23 池辺群虫図 Ikebe Gunchu-zu(Insects at a Pond)

"Ponds and Insects." combines varied planes of perspectives into a dream-like tapestry. Itō Jakuchū, from Colorful Realm of Living Beings, set of 30 vertical hanging scrolls, c.a Museum of the Imperial Collections

Ito Jakuchu: Roosters

Itō Jakuchū's “Illustration of a flock of fowl” is one of 30 scrolls from his series, the Colorful Realm of Living Beings. The geometric-like patterns of the birds' feathers creates a dazzling display.


伊藤若沖 “You are like an ocean: quietly ebbing and flowing to the rhythm of life, but wildly expansive and profoundly powerful. You are boundless. Your quietness is your strength. Your depth is your advantage.

Ito Jakuchu - Plum Blossoms, 18th Century, Scroll...

Artworks of Ito Jakuchu (Japanese, 1716 - from galleries, museums and auction houses worldwide.

Rakan. Ito Jakuchu. 18th century. Japan. MFA. Boston.

十六羅漢図 One of Sixteen Rakans.

Pictures of ?tsu bursting forth.

Ukiyo-e print illustration showing an artist in the foreground and figures of a characters in the background (a demon holding an anchor, a samurai with a falcon, a man with long pike, and a wrestler).

Gourd  唐瓜図  Edo period, late 18th century  Itô Jakuchû (Japanese, 1716–1800), Calligrapher Obaku Tangai (Japanese, died in 1763)  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Gourd 唐瓜図 Edo period, late century Itô Jakuchû (Japanese, Calligrapher Obaku Tangai (Japanese, died in Museum of Fine Arts, Boston