An Orange candy bar for your wedding! Imagine some mint sprigs scattered around for accent or lavender stalks for a light filler or NOT! Have a destination wedding and make it a family affair!


Salt water taffy instead of butter mints and goes with the pastel color palate

Cotton Candy Ice Cream - easy to make with only a few simple ingredients and no machine needed!

Cotton Candy Ice Of Cool Whip 2 Vanilla Puddings 2 Cups Milk 2 Cotton Candy Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Flavor Packet Blue Gel Food Coloring (Cool Food Instant Pudding)

The fair

Hold on Tight - Fine Art Photography print - tones of aqua marine, cream and soft red and star Cars


Hard candy: Particularly of benefit to vocalists. Should be sucked on before/during breaks in a rehearsal or performance to stimulate the salivary glands keeping the vocal chords hydrated and moist.

candy ...

I always saved my money for a stick of Blackpool Rock! Blackpool Rock by Joël Penkman.