Writing Prompt: What happened to the man in these shoes? How can we still see…

[2012-02-28] reflection ... [pics]

Trying to fill in someone else's shoes is futile. The person will at best be a shadow of the one who shoes they are trying to fill. It is best to have new shoes (their own) rather than live in the shadow of another

越後妻有里山現代美術館[キナーレ]2016夏企画展 「水あそび博覧会」 - 大地の芸術祭の里

越後妻有里山現代美術館[キナーレ]2016夏企画展 「水あそび博覧会」 - 大地の芸術祭の里

Light Fest in St. Petersburg in Poster

Diploma project - identity system for a concept of Light Fest in Spb. I devided festival in 4 events - mapping, light performances, light installations and light marathon. For each of them was created an individual logo and poster. I think that lack o&