bison + mountain logo design 山脈とバッファロー。 コントラストで魅せる。 活版の質感が効いている。

My bison mountain logo design

steelbison: “ My friend Daniel is amazing at letterpress and always fun to work with. Here is what he just did with my bison mountain design. We will be working on some cool stuff next.

La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun. Interesting fun summer project: what if flags were just a snap shot of the real art and the graphics continued outside the bounds of the crop box?

La Grande Vague / Graphic design Joël Guenoun - Great usage of symbolism, the Japanese wave which creates the Japanese flag in the middle.

Brand Design Process: Lettering a Logo & Brand for "Caked Up! Durant"

Brand Design Process: Lettering a Logo & Brand for "Caked Up! Durant" Well this is so cute!

パンダ の ごはん • Rice Panda

soeda - really like the element of the fork and the spoon forming the eyes and shape to the head, although this is in relation to a restaurant.

Logo / 7 th

Goran Jugovic / Горан Југовић ( Design For Client Charles Solomon .

天然温泉 久松湯 | Works | Kishino Shogo(6D)-木住野彰悟 - created via

mathematical decorations on the japanese word rightly fit the exact tone of the ambience

にっぽんトラベルレストランのロゴ:和のフルコースをイメージしたロゴ | ロゴストック


にっぽんトラベルレストランのロゴ:和のフルコースをイメージしたロゴ | ロゴストック

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