Kamehameha Highway, Oahu, Hawaii.

Wanderlust :: Travel the World :: Seek Adventure :: Free your Wild :: Photography & Inspiration :: See more Untamed Beach + Island + Mountain Destinations :: Kamehameha Highway, Oahu, Hawaii.

Kakitagawa Spring water of Mt. Fuji

"The only source of knowledge is experience." -Albert Einstein *** Spring water of Mt. Fuji, the source of Kakita River, Shizuoka, Japan *** Dive In ! <<< Why doesn't the water look like THAT in America?

The Shire, Bag End, Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand

The Shire, Bag End, Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand.stepping into the world of Lord of the Rings in gorgeous New Zealand?



Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii. ナパリ·コースト、カウアイ島、ハワイ。

Na Pali Coast Kauai, Hawaii. Hawaii captured my best friend. This is why she never wants to leave.

ウユニ塩湖 - ボリビア (Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia)


Salar de Uyuni #Bolivia. I want to see the mirrored desert.-------いつか行きたいボリビア・ウユニ塩湖。旅行で行った友達に写真を見せてもらったけど、本当にキレイ!

Salar de Uyuni marks the location of the world's largest salt flats, which can be found in southwest Bolivia. This stunning image captures the Uyuni Salt Flats right after rainfall. The salt crystals reflect puffy white clouds like an enormous mirror.



Salt Flats-Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia The world’s largest salt flat, it creates a mirror effect after the rain. Next stop, Bolivia!

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas. I visited the Bahamas in March 2013. The bahamas is made up of many islands and this is the one I went to.

Walt Disney World Pocket Guides Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas is a unique ocean-themed resort destination, Atlantis offers a variety of .

モルディブ 究極の旅写真ウォール 【トリップアドバイザー】

Maldives is a magic land comprising of 1190 coral islands. These islands are small and low-lying. Only 200 of these beautiful islands are inhabited. And 88 of these islands in Maldives are Luxury Resorts that offer you a dreamlike vacation experience.

Huntington Beachで撮ったものです。 カリフォルニアでサーフィンしたいですねー!

Huntington Beachで撮ったものです。 カリフォルニアでサーフィンしたいですねー!