My mom said, I could have a backpack or a dog, sooo

This is how Korean woman carry their children around (korean photographer, Kim ki-chan

「未来ちゃん」Miraichan ©Kawashima Kotori.

Photographer Kotori Kawashima happened upon his most iconic subject yet when a friend introduced the artist to his daughter.

Sergio Larrain - Children living around the Mapocho river (Chile) and sleeping under bridges. S)

Chilean street children - "Los Abandonados" (the Abandoned Ones" , Sergio Larrain - Chile. 1957 (Taken 57 years ago, what were their lives like after that photo till now.

Photography by Kawashima Kotori

Mirai Chan by Kotori Kawashima

Mirai chan  photo by Kotori Kawashima

Mirai-chan 未来ちゃん (Future-chan) - By Kotori Kawashima

To cute had to post it.

From CBRE's Urban Photography Of The Year contest - 24 hourly winners prizes - AM winner Joan Vendrell with "Music"

Instagram photo by @hyonaaaa_ (현아김(22)) | Statigram

Instagram photo by @hyonaaaa_ (현아김(22)) | Statigram


"IT'S OK" kids tee by: It's Ok Apparel. OMG Kendall says this all the time! Me: Kendall, can you please put that down? Kendall: It's OK mommy.

Mirai-chan by kotori kawashima 「未来ちゃん」

Mirai-chan by kotori kawashima

cute !

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