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Post Card Art (Chinese Hairstyle 120)

Sweet Charming Girls Paintings Series - Romantic Painting of Beautiful Ancient Chinese Girls 5

Wenji Yan, the words used by Zhao Ji Jin avoid Secretary Sima Zhao limb, change the word Wenji the Eastern Han Dynasty (now Kaifeng in Henan Province Qi County) people Chenliu prince Yu, the daughter of the Eastern Han writer Yong, is famous in Chinese history talented woman and writer, skilled in astronomical mathematical, both learned to text, but also good Poetry and Rhapsody of long eloquence and temperament. Representative 胡笳十八拍 "," grief poem ".

Wenji Yan/Cai Yan, Han Dynasty poetess and composer. She was the daughter of Cai Yan. Best known for her 胡笳十八拍 "," grief poem ".