this is a really good idea for a restaurant logo. Incorporating the the multiple visuals into the words

This logotype is really fun and interesting to look at. It indicates, food, spoons and a fish tail all in one. Its a good idea if this was the logo for a fish restaurant.

Broadway Butcher Shop on Behance

A CUT ABOVE THE COMPETITIONDMH gives the Broadway Butcher Shop a sharp new identity.Being a successful butcher shop in Kansas City is no easy task. In a town with a rich heritage of producing the finest meats, you have to do more than stand up to the c…

Chillsdeli Japanese BBQ Restaurant packaging branding on Behance by Box Brand Design curated by Packaging Diva PD. Very elegant for barbecue by our standards.

Want to find the Best BBQ no matter where you travel in the USA? With this list, we've made your quest to find great Barbecue anywhere you go in America th

korean calligraphy

Korean calligraphic font - The Roman letters are also written to resemble hangeul (i.

Loofah Circle

Japan has set an amazing culture of mixing innovative tech and ingenious design, and it makes all other designers drool with envy.