Lucie Rie #ceramics #pottery

I’ve been looking at Lucie Rie’s pottery lately as I’m feeling unsure as to how I’m going to spend my final year at university. I’m considering learning to throw, rath…

Lucie Rie #pottery #ceramics#pottery

LUCIE RIE Oval bowl, circa 1976 Porcelain, yellow and manganese glazes with sgraffito band. cm in) high, cm in) wide Impressed with artist's seal.

lucie rie

lucie rie ° seen by ° snowdon ° the jar is not made by lucie rie ° it is a korean moon jar


LUCIE RIE BOWL, CIRCA 1985 porcelain, glazed in pink with manganese lines and bronzed rim, impressed monogram seal, (firing flaw to rim) in.

Lucie Rie #ceramics #pottery

Conical vase, Porcelain, golden manganese glaze, a terracotta band inside and out enclosing two sgraffito lines.