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Summer Sales Quickly Reached by Underground; by Mary Koop, 1925 . but in other ways they were endearingly realistic, and are just as relevant today as they would have been when originally published. This 1925 poster shows a throng of summer sales shoppe

vintage poster - illustrator unknown ~ Could change the background, rename it…

vintage poster - illustrator unknown ~with 2 cats-black cat & striped cat

The Type Collective

thetypecollective: Hello people, the Type Collective proudly invites you on the of February to our first ever show, 01 — The Type Colle.

『MONKEY Vol.6』表紙


【2015.5.9~5.10】第15回 森のアートフェスタ(@福井県あわら市 金津創作の森)

【2015.5.9~5.10】第15回 森のアートフェスタ(@福井県あわら市 金津創作の森)


Paul Ruckmar & Co.' by Carl Moos, 1910 ‘Paul Ruckmar & Co, Zurich’ by Carl Moos (Swiss, Original poster dated

Vintage Italian Posters ~ #illustrator  #Italian #vintage #posters ~Max Huber Illustration 1 by sandiv999

By Max Huber, 9 5 Advertising poster for Borsalino, an Italian hat manufacturer. (from Gebruachsgraphik)

第14回 クラフトマーケット (2011年)

金津 創作の森で行われる「森のアートフェスタ」と「クラフトマーケット」のフライヤー