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Simple outline drawing of iconic British and Russian building to link to the text


Alicia White Photography

This is probably the best example of a logo for me as I plan to create a Combination logo which has letters and an illustration. So my logo would logo kind of like this one, except for the illustration, as it would be more related to healthy eating

ロゴ・マーク|WORKS事業実績|20% inc. 札幌・旭川 デザイン・プロダクツ・企画制作

ロゴ・マーク|WORKS事業実績|20% inc. 札幌・旭川 デザイン・プロダクツ・企画制作


changing text color, android:textColor=" 1 of the defined text their for example.

Japanese logo //

This is lovely, simple, clean and clever but japanese style cooking does not really represent the Too Many Foodies style of cooking. But something like this would work well - although it does look a lot like yotam ottolenghi's cook books!

Toba marche


栗尾商店のロゴ:まっすぐにやわらかいロゴ | ロゴストック


atinge-process-by-cocorrina // Logo Hände // hands

New in Portfolio: Ritual Spirits

atinge-process-by-cocorrina // Logo Hände // hands NOTE: The first image top left