Japanese box lunch, Bento

"Lunch - sweet and sour bean paste lunch-daddy of meat balls into Okara" Oh Rumama

オリンピック観戦ご膳 |JUNAオフィシャルブログ「Quality of Life by JUNA」Powered by Ameba

Grilled salted salmon bento box, featuring sides of pan-fried wieners, tamagoyaki, seasoned rice, and snap pea & mushroom saute

Japanese-style Picnic Bento Lunch|弁当

Japanese-style Picnic Bento Lunch Box with Inarizushi Tofu Bag Sushi|弁当

Japanese Bento Lunch|弁当

Japanese Wappa Bento Lunch Box (Rice w/ Tarako Cod Roe, Cooked Shiitake Mushroom, Egg Roll, Veggies)|わっぱ弁当