Spanish graphic designer and art director Oriol Gil created the brand and package design for Cornelia and Co, a restaurant, bakery, winery, and coffe shop located in Barcelona.

Brand and Package Design by Oriol Gil for Cornelia and Co

This design I like, stylish! Brand identity and packaging for Cornelia and CO. by Oriol Gil, via Behance


Self promotion idea. Put a Hershey kiss inside with a "fortune" and keep those clients amazed at your creativity.

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Cafe food packaging design - A cutout in the shape of a mustache gives the carry bag a funky look. The mustache print in the coffee mug gives the feeling that a person is sporting a big mustache! Innovation at its best.

For our Belgian friends: Total Design Network - Roundouble. Where do you put your ketchup #packaging

I thought of that This fried potato package design incorporates a pocket wherein you can squeeze your ketchup, thereby making it easy for you to dip your fried potatoes in the ketchup. Pretty convenient and a cool design.

Awesome Fast Food Packaging That Cuts Waste and Grows Waists | Wired Design |

Awesome Fast Food Packaging That Cuts Waste and Grows Waists

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: TOGO BURGER (Student project) While not yet a product, this is ingenious!