Näitä Applen laitteita olen käyttänyt osana työtä, opiskelua tai vapaa-aikaa. Apple II:sta ja ensimmäistä Macintoshia en tosin ole käyttänyt, mutta laitoin ne mukaan silti:)
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proud of his company (quote) The Macintosh - the first to bear the name - turns 25 on 24 January. The machine debuted in 1984 and kicked off a product line that were Apple's flagship computers for many years. The Macintosh helped popularize the


Jobs with the original iMac, 1998 ©Apple Inc. / Moshe Brakha i have never seen a computer this big im 10

iPhone 3GS

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Apple II

My first computer in Junior High School! Always a fun time going to the school's "Apple Lab" 1977 – Photo shows Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as he introduces the new Apple II in Cupertino, Calif. (AP Photo/Apple Computers Inc.

Iphone 4

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Macbook Air 13"

Steve Jobs shows off the new Macbook Air ultra portable laptop during his keynote speech at the MacWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.


Applen odotettu uutuus on iPad

Power mac G5

Resembling the Power Mac of old, the Mac Pro acted as Apple's most powerful computer in its line of desktops that include the iMac and Mac Mini.