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Male Yukata - how to dress tutorial - Traditional japanese male summer costume // complete with kiku honda that is some gOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE

ソマルタが渋谷で、着物クチュールラインの受注販売会 - 新作ドレスやジャケットの写真1 もっと見る

ソマルタが渋谷で、着物クチュールラインの受注販売会 - 新作ドレスやジャケット - 写真1

17 marks the start of the next iteration of Tokyo fashion week, so this month looks at topics related to local brands that have made appearances on previous Tokyo runways.

Japanese clogs, Geta 下駄

Japanese clogs, Geta 下駄 That looks scary to me, like the moment she is tripping. Though that could simply be how running or even walking in geta looks, I have no idea.

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a Japanese wooden shoe with a thong to pass between the first (big) toe and the second toe.



「着物リメイク服 意味」の画像検索結果

Kimono-Remake Coat Pomar - interesting idea of what to do with those strips of kimono fabric I have. Would make neat lining edges of a coat