ⱷ᷈ωⱷ᷉ 完全に一致

Slight variations - take away the white on his face, add it to his paws, maybe add a point on the chest marking (making it a bird flying up), and this could be my cat.


Funny pictures about Excuse me sir. Oh, and cool pics about Excuse me sir. Also, Excuse me sir.

長い物には巻かれてしまえ 泣く子と資本家にゃ勝たれない♪ - 高田渡・添田唖蝉坊「あきらめ節」

その姿に思わず笑う! ネコがあきらめた瞬間15選

埋め込み画像 - the cat's face, tho, as if says, "I'm done with my life" lol

Dear baby

This pic makes me happy.lil kitty so content and trusting.Mommy kitty so loving.It's like a russian doll:love encircling love, encircling love (How To Make Friends Funny)



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