So in love with this messy long bob

65 irresistible short wavy hairstyles for that perfect wavy look. Retro chic bobs, daring pixies, and the most adorable A-line bob hairstyles for wavy hair.

megan: i know my eyes are not like hers haha but in general the smoky bronzy look. eyes, lips, cheeks brows

Top 5 Hottest Makeup Trends for Fall

Wedding makeup: brown shadow in cat eye shape + black liner + light lips + full brows

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How to Get that Fresh Asian Make Up Look

asian makeup: vertical (neutral shadow darker near the lashes, lighter to the brow), darker eyeliner on top lid, brown neutral liner bottom lid

《30代女性向け》ヘアスタイル特集!ほんのり漂う”大人の余裕”で魅力もUP♡(2ページ目) | Linomy[リノミー]


《30代女性向け》ヘアスタイル特集!ほんのり漂う”大人の余裕”で魅力もUP♡(2ページ目) | Linomy[リノミー]