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Betty Boo Bat sock doll

Did a Bat, Bat Thing

Betty Boo Bat sock doll ~ Materials: 1 Sock with contrast toe & heel, Fabric…

簡単きれい! 布の角をスッキリ仕上げる「額縁仕立て」の方法 - DIY・レシピ | tetote-note(テトテノート)

簡単きれい! 布の角をスッキリ仕上げる「額縁仕立て」の方法

簡単きれい! 布の角をスッキリ仕上げる「額縁仕立て」の方法 - DIY・レシピ | tetote-note(テトテノート)

Hot Air Balloon Baby Mobile Home Decor by JoHandmadeDesignLove

Baby mobile, nursery mobile, crib mobile or home decor. This baby mobile is a perfect gift for creative dreamers or new parents for their nursery decor; for little babies to lull them to sweet dreams and for kids rooms. By Jo handmade design

arctic fox / soft sculpture animal

Arctic fox / soft sculpture animal

Des couvertures pour bébé

I really need to get to work on baby Sweet Pea's baby blankets. 8 DIY Baby Blankets That Are Just as Cute as Kate’s via Brit + Co.


pretty heart sachets would be easy to make with fabric scraps, fill with lavender (Diy Pillows Filling)

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This Felter Skelter column by Zoë Williams features needle felt artwork by Japanese artist Yoomoo.