FIFA World Cup 2014 by Ricardo Mondragon, via Behance

2014 FIFA World Cup Posters by Ricardo Mondragon.there's a great series of these, one for each team in the tournament. This one is for Argentina.

原研哉氏トークイベント採録 | くらしの良品研究所 | 無印良品 {These 4 images always move me... <3}

I like the feel of the campaign but I don't think the brand is emphasized enough with the posters and it doesn't portray what Muji is to new customers.

「ビリギャルって言葉がお似合いよ」 早慶戦ポスター、どうしてこうなった?(画像集)

「ビリギャルって言葉がお似合いよ」 早慶戦ポスター、どうしてこうなった?(画像集)