Japanese food / bento

Japanese food / bento: rice is not really paleo, but it can be substituted with some vegetables, nuts, or sunflower seeds.

**Onigiri, Japanese Rice Balls


Yaki Onigiri Bento 焼きおにぎり弁当

Yaki Onigiri Bento Box, with sides of tamagoyaki, carrots, broccoli, and mushroom & imitation crab stick salad

Japanese box lunch, Bento お弁当

Japanese box lunch, Bento The Box! The Box! The first bento box I have seen not plastic and cutesy.

Salmon of Temari sushi lunch. | Oh Ru mom official blog "every day is lunch weather ♪" Powered by Ameba

Salmon temari sushi bento box, featuring sides of tamagoyaki, carrot & lotus root miso salad, stir fried seafood & greens, and cherry tomatoes.


"A must-see method for mothers who want to present perfect Japanese box bento lunches.