a tea set on a wooden tray with cups
「 門下生展 」 花岡央 | うつわノート
極浅急須で淹れる朝宮茶 Asamiya tea brewed in an ultra-flat kyusu.
常滑の極浅急須で淹れる朝宮茶。日本最古級の茶産地、滋賀県朝宮地区で無農薬、無施肥の茶の栽培に取り組む片木氏によるお茶。急須は常滑の玉光陶園による別注品。美しく葉広がる様子が楽しめます。 Brewed in a Tokoname ultra-flat kyusu teapot, the tea is produced without pesticides or fertilizers in the Asamiya district of Shiga Prefecture, one of Japan's oldest tea-growing regions.
tea and flowers on a tray next to a teapot
Tea with spring flowers containing tea, flower, and cup, a Food & Drink Photo by Natasha Breen
kiwaha-日本のプレミアムティーと作家物やオリジナル茶器のお店 – kiwaha-tea
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