Japanese box lunch, Bento

"Lunch - sweet and sour bean paste lunch-daddy of meat balls into Okara" Oh Rumama

Fish - find out how to make inari

爱。开心便当のChildren’s Day Bento

Hohoho…no more spooky bento today as today is a happy day for my son at school. His school is celebrating Children’s Day this morning. Therefore, I have decided to make him a bento th…

和風ハンバーグ★ハイビスカスのお弁当。|あ~るママオフィシャルブログ「毎日がお弁当日和♪」Powered by Ameba

Elegant bento box featuring komatsuna & hijiki hamburger steak, wakame tamagoyaki, decorative carrot flowers, miso sesame beans, and white rice



Kadomatsu Pine Decoration Roll for Japanese New Year Dish (Asparagus, Ham or Bacon, Green Sprout, Cream Cheese, Mushed Pumpkin)|門松ロール

酢てきな暮らし -2ページ目

Sushi rice in paper-thin omelette: with cucumber ribbon

ham flower bento

Simple, but still pretty, an excellent choice for a quick and easy bento. Ham flowers with a corn kernel center, and cut green beans for leaves.

Prosciutto goldfish tutorial, translates well enough.


Prosciutto goldfish tutorial, translates well enough. - super thin ham might work?

easy cat bento w/ recipe


お弁当 レシピ | ザ☆シンプル!おむすび三姉妹のお弁当 | キャラクター弁当 | found MUM(ファウンド マム)

Kawaii Face Onigiri Bento -These are almost to cute to eat. (๑´ڡ`๑)

ゆでたまごウサギのおべんとう - てしぱんさんの簡単かわいいおべんとさん レシピブログ - 料理ブログのレシピ満載!

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