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Lucie Rie

I’ve been looking at Lucie Rie’s pottery lately as I’m feeling unsure as to how I’m going to spend my final year at university. I’m considering learning to throw, rath…

** LUCIE RIE Ceramic bowl.

Conical “Rice” bowl, Porcelain, matte white glaze flowing over a pierced body, bright golden lip.

Lucie Rie  #ceramics #pottery

Lucie Rie: Oval bowl, Porcelain, bright gold manganese, turquoise and dry terra-cotta glazes,

Lucie Rie bowl

Ceramics Artist Lucie Rie Dame Lucie Rie March 1902 – 1 April one of the century’s most celebrated and iconic potters, combined an acute understanding of modernism with the skills of.

Ceramics by Lucie Rie

Disegno examines the design history of Lucie Rie and Hans Coper, two of the leading figures in Studio Pottery

Lucie Rie

Lucie Rie bowl (via Kate Ward Design: Women of Studio Pottery)