Gomoku Gohan, Japanese pilaf 五目ご飯

Gomoku Gohan Recipe

Gomoku Gohan recipe from PBS Food ~~~ Japanese 5 item Rice Pilaf (Marc @ NoRecipes) ***definitely not 'instant'!

Agedashi Tofu | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

Agedashi Tofu

You can tell how authentic a Japanese restaurant is by their agedashi tofu. The best crispy yet creamy bite in the world!



Quick Pickled Cucumbers Recipe - How are you today? How about making Quick Pickled Cucumbers?

めっちゃジューシー♪鶏の唐揚げ: 鶏もも肉 300g ●おろしにんにく 1片 ●おろししょうが 1片 ●酒 大さじ2 ●醤油 大さじ1.1/2 ●ごま油 小さじ1 卵 1/2個 揚げ油 適量 ◎薄力粉 大さじ1.1/2 ◎片栗粉 大さじ1.1/2


Great recipe for Juicy Chicken Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken). I wanted to make a juicy karaage (Japanese fried chicken). Deep frying the chicken twice will make the inside juicy and the outside crispy. Recipe by

卵(L玉) 4個 醤油(出来れば薄口) 小さじ2 砂糖 小さじ2 だし(湯に粉末だしを溶かしたもの可) 大さじ4 ※子供さん用には砂糖多めで 適宜


It's fluffy staple winding eggs - Japanese sweet rolled eggs - COOKPAD with Video

Japanese Spaghetti


This is our family's standard bacon and spinach spaghetti. When we have spaghetti at home, this is generally what you get. I forgot to include the shimeji mushrooms for the photo.

✿きのこの炊き込みご飯✿ http://cookpad.com/recipe/674108


✿きのこの炊き込みご飯✿ http://cookpad.com/recipe/674108

Summer Stamina Butadon (Pork Bowl) スタミナ豚丼 作り方レシピ - YouTube

Summer Stamina Butadon (Pork Bowl) スタミナ豚丼 - fun and fast cooking video - recipe is in the description for the video

玉子 2個 水 4カップ 中華味の素(顆粒) 小さじ2 カニかま 5本 醤油 小さじ1 オイスターソース 小さじ1と1/2 コショー 少々 片栗粉 小さじ2 ゴマ油 小さじ1 酢 小さじ2


Just Like Kanitama (Japanese-Style Crab Omelette) Fluffy Egg Drop Soup Recipe - Yummy this dish is very delicous. Let's make Just Like Kanitama (Japanese-Style Crab Omelette) Fluffy Egg Drop Soup in your home!

Marinated Fresh Tuna Bowl (Maguro Zukedon Recipe)

Marinated Fresh Tuna Bowl (Maguro Zukedon Recipe) Authentic Japanese recipe comprising of marinated tuna on top of rice. This is almost like a deconstructed sushi bowl - but with marinade!



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