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an icon depicting the birth of jesus
Master of the altar of Hohenfurth / Vyšší Brod monastery, Pentecost, ca 1350, Convent of Saint Agnes of Bohemia, Prague
two statues are standing in front of a stone structure on the side of a hill
Wayside shrine, Mamore Gap, Donegal
the princess and the frog are walking in the rain
a green and brown fabric with trees, deers, and people on the ground
Edward Bawden - part 1
ART & ARTISTS: Edward Bawden - part 1
a black and white photo with pink flowers in front of a house
Embroidered vintage postcards – in pictures
Tree with embroidered flowers
Humour, Feelings, Quotes, Meme, Weird, Aes, Words, Brave, Silly
a woman riding on the back of a white horse next to a little boy walking behind it
A French Director Who Turned the Experience of May ‘68 into Intimate Cinema
an old vase with a face on it's head and hair in the shape of a woman's head
an ancient greek vase with a woman holding a fan
Porter, Leonard [Studio] - Victory
an image of a painting with trees and buildings on the cliff side in the background
an image of a cross and dove on top of a postcard with the words,
four monks sitting on top of a mountain with sound equipment in their hands and looking at the camera
a painting on paper with an image of a person holding a child's head
Faye Wei Wei’s Anemones and Lovers
Faye Wei Wei’s Anemones and Lovers | Dazed
some very big rocks in the grass
Old gravestones © Duncan Lilly cc-by-sa/2.0
Old gravestones © Duncan Lilly cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland
an old cemetery with ivy growing over the headstones
Graveside_whispers on Instagram: “Lean on me.... #gravestones #cemetery #taphophilia #cemetery_shots #graveyard #taphophile #headstones #churchyard #graves…”
two people walking through the snow with a teepee tent in the background and one person carrying a tree branch
a white and black bird flying in the sky
Snow Goose
flocks of snow geese pictures | Bethlehem Birdman's Tips
A pale person dressed in all white loose robes stands against some rocks on a shoreline
'The Turn of the Tide' by John Duncan
Pilgrimage, Jesus On The Cross, Catholic, Jesus Images, Protestant Reformation, Artifacts, Vintage World Maps, Art Historian, Crown Of Thorns
É stato analizzato un raro manoscritto di 500 anni che parla di un tesoro leggendario
an older woman swimming in the water with a flower crown on her head and quote about love between august is the border between summer and autumn
many different types of metal tags on a white background, including one with a bell
Tokens - Foundling Museum
Tokens - Foundling Museum
an assortment of antique and modern items are displayed on a gray surface with the word sale spelled out
London’s Foundling Museum contains a heartbreaking collection
a person holding an open box filled with seashells on top of a table
a painting of a woman standing in front of a doorway with dogs and cows on the wall
Vashti Bunyan / Just Another Diamond Day, 1970 UK
the text is written in black and white on a dark background with lights hanging from it
two men standing in front of an arch made of stonehenge with one man on the other side
Strange habits: Britain's oddest youth movement – in pictures
two women are sitting on the ground surrounded by flowers and plants that have been cut down
a pink flower with white stamen and yellow stamen in the center on a white background
a close up view of a knitted sweater with flowers and leaves on the side
Mitten Season!
Mitten Season! - a field guide to needlework
an old stone building with flowers growing in the foreground
Views of Iona and Mull
The nunnery Iona
the movie poster for labyrinth starring actors and actresss in front of an image of a woman
Labyrinth | Lucasfilm.com
there are many colorful flags hanging from the ceiling in this garden area that is lined with potted plants
Prayer Flag Garden
an artist's depiction of a rainbow - colored planet in space
The Sun rises over Earth by Alexei Leonov
an aerial view of a horse drawn in the middle of a green field with grass
White Horse Hill | Oxfordshire
The White Horse, Uffington, Oxfordshire
two people walking up a grassy hill on a path to the top of a mountain
Arthur's Seat
Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.